CONFIRMED: Colorado State Senator Jeff Bridges to Join Unprecedented Podcast LIVE on Stage at Lead Generation World in Two Weeks!

Well this is going to be fun.

There have been rumors floating around but yes, it is true Colorado State Senator Jeff Bridges (D.) will be joining the Unprecedented podcast team for a live ON STAGE podcast interview at the big Lead Generation World event in Denver, Colorado in two short weeks.

The podcast will be recorded in front of a live audience (expected to be huge) on the main stage of the event in the coveted 1 p time slot. The interview will cover topics regarding spam calls, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and data privacy.

LGW is going to be a huge event– if you’re in the performance marketing space or buy leads for your business you know this is a must attend– and the team is honored to have such a prominent role in making this show a success.

We have never recorded an episode of Unprecedented before a live audience before, much less on a stage hundreds of miles from our cozy studios. So this will make for quite the adventure. If you can’t make the live stage performance don’t worry, the podcast will be available on a few days later.

Stay tuned…



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