Webi-CZAR updates: My Latest Webinars on ATDS, Consent and….Me– Now Available

While you folks are digesting the many important lessons to be gleaned from Quicken’s recent arbitration stumble, I thought I’d provide a few more video resources for those of you working hard to stay abreast of the mile-a-minute TCPAWorld developments.

For previous webinars check out here, and here. And of course don’t overlook the extremely popular Unprecedented [Video] Podcast that keeps crushing.

Just last week I did a HUGE webinar for my friends at Statflo. Very well attended but I dont have a link for the webinar just yet for those of you that missed it (what’s up with that guys?)

But what I do have are three really compelling pieces.

First, probably the best breakdown of the TCPA ATDS landscape… by anyone… ever. Fair warning, this webinar came out just before the big Sixth Circuit ruling in Allan, so it is not quite up to date. Nonetheless this is a critically important video for anyone trying to understand the fractured TCPA ATDS landscape and how to operate a business (particularly a collection business) in the current litigation environment. Check it out here:


Second, a series of great little videos answering YOUR questions on how consent works under the TCPA. This is a neat little product because it includes a couple of friends of mine. You’ll benefit greatly from hearing the perspectives of all three of us as we break down the critical world of TCPA consent:


Finally, we have a webinar discussing the most interesting and enigmatic part of the TCPAWorld– me.  For reasons I cannot quite fathom, Rob Seaver of LeadsCouncil has elected to put together an hour long discussion about the TCPA Czar, Eric J. Troutman. Where I came from and how I came to be both the first and final word on all things TCPA. (Alpha and Omega and all that.) In truth it is mostly just an opportunity for Rob and I to compare beard lengths and talk politics. Not sure it is a valuable educational resource but if you’re interested you can check it out here:


Look how sharp Rob looks. That guy is special.

Enjoy folks.



  1. I can’t access the consent videos–is it just me? I can only see a picture. Thanks

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