BIG NEWS: PACE and Consumer Consent Council Merge!

You know how you used to have those two great friends that were always flirting with each other but would never quite admit they were interested in each other until you (or someone in the circle) pushed them to get together and then they were almost immediately wed in the happiest of matrimony?

Yeah, this is sort of like that.

My great friends over at Consent Council and my great friends over at PACE have tied the knot. And that’s just fantastic.

This union should mean more support for industry participants who desperately need lobbying and legal support. (I can’t do it all!)

If you have questions feel free to reach out.

Here’s the press release:

Professional Association for Customer Engagement Acquires Consumer Consent Council (formerly Leads Council), Increases Member Value and Industry Reach
Combined Organization Appoints New Executive Director, Rob Seaver, Former Director of Consumer Consent Council
Brownsburg, IN, January 12, 2022 —The Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE), the only non-profit trade association dedicated exclusively to the advancement of companies that engage with customers via the contact center, has acquired Consumer Consent Council (formerly Leads Council), an association that serves member companies in the lead generation industry. Both organizations support business success by promoting effective and compliant best practices for customer engagement.

The acquisition of Consumer Consent Council aligns with the PACE mission to support members’ efforts to provide outstanding customer experience through the entire customer journey and life cycle within the context of increasing consumer expectations and compliance mandates. This includes branding, marketing (including digital marketing), sales, data analytics and omni channel customer service.

“The customer journey is the key differentiator for successful brands and continues to evolve in complexity,” says Sam Falletta, PACE National Board of Directors Chairperson. “By acquiring Consumer Consent Council, we enhance membership value and increase our industry reach and influence.”

Consumer Consent Council has worked at Federal and State levels to advocate for business growth while supporting ethical customer experience best practices. “This partnership is an exciting step forward for the performance marketing industry,” says Erik Josowitz, President of Consumer Consent Council. “Combining with PACE allows us to accelerate our ability to communicate and implement clear standards for consent-based digital marketing that delivers great results for buyers and great experiences for consumers.”

As a result of the acquisition, 13 members of the Consumer Consent Council Board of Directors will join the PACE board in combined leadership to provide high level vision and industry insight.

New Leadership, Enhanced Member Value
In addition to the acquisition, PACE has appointed Executive Director Rob Seaver, who served as the Executive Director for Consumer Consent Council for the past six years. “It’s been an honor to lead the Consumer Consent Council, and I look forward to building on the success of the two organizations.”

The acquisition includes the addition of Consumer Consent Council affiliate Women of Martech to the PACE umbrella of brands, which includes National Customer Service Week. “Combining the established network of world-class professionals from both associations benefits all members by providing greater access to resources, knowledge sharing and networking opportunities,” Seaver says.

PACE will continue its history of hosting annual events that attract top industry professionals and thought leaders, including ACX’22 March 20-22 in Amelia Island Florida, and the PACE Washington Summit September 18-20.

Expanded Focus on DEI
In addition to increased advocacy efforts, the merger allows PACE to further its mission to create a culture of belonging in the contact center industry by deliberately and thoughtfully encouraging, supporting and recognizing diverse individual viewpoints and contributions. “Both organizations have been working to shine a light on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in our industry,” says Seaver. “I’m excited about what we will be able to accomplish by coming together.”

The PACE Mission
As a community, PACE advocates for and promotes best practices, emerging technology and thought leadership to and by its customer experience professional members to stimulate exceptional customer service, business growth and personal development.

PACE provides value to members by providing:

·       A unified voice in advocating on behalf of the customer experience industry

·       Programs for sharing industry best practices and advancing professional education

·       Meaningful and productive networking opportunities and events

·       Compliance education and accreditation

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As a community, PACE advocates for and promotes best practices, emerging technology and thought leadership to and by its customer experience professional members in order to stimulate exceptional customer service, business growth and personal development.



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