HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY: Let’s Celebrate All the Great Women Litigators Out There–Especially the TCPAWorld Squad

So a great fun day today to take stock of the contributions from our lady litigator friends. Really neat to see how far things have progressed on that front just during the ~20 years I’ve been a litigator. And I’m proud to know I’ve had a hand (however small) in making a female partner or two along the way over the years.

Building diverse and talented teams is pretty much what I’m best at–other than all the other things I’m best at–and we certainly achieved that here at Squire Patton Boggs.

Here’s a big round of applause for the FANTASTIC female complex litigators we have here on the TCPA team at Squire–each of whom is a true stand out professional. For those of you in industry looking to make an IMPACT in the legal profession please feel free to reach out to any one of these folks and talk to them about potentially sending a case or two their way. It REALLY REALLY makes a difference.

In fact, I can build all the diversity I want. But if folks like YOU don’t send work to firms that take advancement of women litigators and lawyers of color seriously–as opposed to those who just pay it lip service–then NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE.

You have the power. Use it.

Without further adieu. Wishing these powerful and brilliant (I mean that–truly brilliant) litigators on my team a productive and empowering International Women’s Days. Always a joy to work with and learn from you folks.

Petrina Hall McDaniel– The Czarina of TCPAWorld
Atlanta_McDaniel_P_Master Partner, Atlanta, Georgia
T +1 678 272 3207
E petrina.mcdaniel@squirepb.com
Amy B. Doolittle– The Grand Duchess of TCPAWorld
Washington DC_Brown_A_uc Partner, Washington DC
T +1 202 626 6707
E amy.doolittle@squirepb.com
Meghan Quinn– The Countess of TCPAWorld
Associate, Washington DC
T +1 202 457 4840
E meghan.quinn@squirepb.com
Christina Lamoureux–The Viscountess of TCPAWorld
Christina Lamoureux Associate, Washington DC
T +1 202 457 6095​christina.lamoureux@squirepb.com
Erin Gilmore– the Empress of TCPAWorld
Associate, Los Angeles
T +1 213 689 6539erin.gilmore@squirepb.com


And, as always, big credit to Squire for investing in, promoting, and partnerizing diverse talent!


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