INCREDIBLE Pics and Vids from the Big TCPA Summit….and Happy Birthday to Me!

So for those of you that missed the big Huntington Beach Summit this year– you MISSED OUT.

Speakers were absolutely incredible (as they generally are at these events.)

Christine brought her A-game, Peggy was incredible, and of course Puja Amin (Queenie) was her transcendent self.

But the highlight for my money was the super cool panel on state laws presented by a panel of three awesome lady lawyers–all of whom got their start in the TCPA from me (and at three different law firms.) I absolutely LOVED seeing them all working together and CRUSHING IT.

But for those of you who want to get a sense of what you missed–here you go. (Ron has a strict rule against transmitting content about the Summit, so these snippets are all you get [be there or miss out]):

Quick break down of DNC consent rules from the Czar. Follow our YouTube channel for more incredible content. 

Quick break down of RISK FACTORS for age leads from the Czar. Follow our YouTube channel for more incredible content. 

The Czar cuts his INCREDIBLE birthday cake. Follow our YouTube channel for more great content. 

And now, in no particular order here are some great pics from the show (I know a bunch of you have additional selfies with the Czar, feel free to send them my way and I’ll add them here):


Talking Javier

This cake should be everywhere.

The Count making friends.


LOVE these people (and all the rest of you that wanted selfies!)

Both of these incredible ladies used to work for me–and I LOVE that we can still share a laugh together. (And HI Arvell!)

My incredible team–and Queenie rocking the brand with reckless abandon.

Ok so one last thing…

I know TCPAWorld isn’t Facebook but, Happy birthday to me!


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