The Right Kinda DAME: Former Southern Prosecutor Tori Guidry Joins the Troutman Firm and Things Are Really Starting to Take Off

As anyone who knows the Czar’s hiring criteria knows, I am always looking for performers, TRUE advocates, and former athletes–hard driving competitive folks who really know how to push themselves to achieve greatness.

No surprise, the Czar has a long history of picking great talent. But I may have outdone myself on this one.

Tori Guidry is going to rock the TCPAWorld

Meet Tori.

A tough-as-nails Southern Belle prosecutor who just got done trying an attempted murder suit before shipping her belongings and heading out to California to join the elite complex litigation shop known as the Troutman Firm.

I mean, come on. She’s a character out of a John Grissom novel for goodness sake.

She checks all the boxes. Great trial lawyer– lots of experience with juries. Fantastic confidence and presence. A fierce competitor, former gymnast and competitive cheerleader(!) Tori is no stranger to pushing limits.

And she is BOLD and determined. Zero shrinking violet in this one. (Her and Queenie are going to get along great!!!!) At some shops all of this personality would be frowned upon. But at the Troutman Firm being unrelentingly and unabashedly yourself is a requirement of working here.

Plus she has this fantastic SOUTHERN ACCENT. It is really remarkably powerful. Captivating stuff. You’re going to love her on the podcast.

And of all the royal names she chose DAME!

So Tori is now the DAME of TCPAWorld–my first one of those I’ve ever had– and I just think it is the coolest thing.

I am expecting truly great things out of this DAME and I am really excited to unleash her onto the complex litigation landscape and see what trouble (the good kind) she can cause.

For those going to you’ll have a chance to meet Tori in person make sure to give her a HUGE TCPAWorld welcome! (Yep, she is hopping on a plane and flying to Denver the first day she started–welcome to the Troutman Firm.) Looking forward to seeing every one there.





  1. Gee, I’d prefer that she prosecute some of Troutman’s call center clients under the criminal penalties. Get a few of them off the streets and the World will be a better place! The best telemrketers… wear prison jump suits.

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