TCPAWORLD AFTERDARK: Some More Pics and Vids From Affy Expo and the EPIC Video Production (Website)

The Troutman Firm Associates

So I’m getting HUGE feedback from folks asking for more details/information/pics/vids from the mysterious video production we did on Monday.

Everybody wants MORE MORE MORE.

So. Much. Trouble.

A Czar’s Eye View…. 

And sure, it was a 16 hour work day for the Czar today, but I can still pause to give the people MORE of what they want.

View from the Affy Expo Penthouse

Backing up, the Dame, Queenie, Kiera and the Czar all attended Affy Expo this weekend, which was FANTASTIC.

Queenie and Baroness in Hollywood

Our humble table at the Affy Expo

Super cool venue. Rock show a the Whiskey and great (like really) Comedy Store entertainment.

Squeezed all we could out of Hollywood, which is a place that doesn’t need squeezing.


But truthfully the REAL Hollywood vibe was taking place a few miles South where the entire Troutman Firm team spent 12 hours shooting video takes for the REMARKABLE Troutman Firm website which will be up soon.

Everybody is so very curious about the website–and you darned well should be. No one has ever seen anything like what I have planned. And it is going to blow everyone’s minds.

Make up Artists Doing Magical Things

Big law will be chasing this thing for years (literally, years) trying to come close. But as the Baroness said, this is just Troutman Firm Season One. We have a lot more in store yet.

You Don’t Even Know Her Yet (Countess!!!!)

Kiera is TRULY the best.

For now though enjoy the pics and vids. The website will be up soon. Chat soon.


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