BIG WELCOME TO THE DUCHESS!: Angelika Munger Joins Troutman Firm!!!–And Other Big News

Well its hardly 6 am here on the West Coast but I couldn’t wait another minute to introduce you all to Troutman Firm’s latest FANTASTIC hire- Angelika Munger!

Angelika will be the firms FIRST paralegal–super awesome to have one of those–and consultant focused largely on MARKETING compliance assistance and state law matters. (For those of you looking for STATE law resources on TCPA, CIPA, direct mail and general state-specific marketing related advice look no further!)

And her royal court name will be THE DUCHESS!!!


So much poise!

Tough to imagine someone better qualified for the role. Angelika joins the Firm most recently from Rate Marketplace–a fantastic company and a TRUE leader in performance marketing and data–where she assisted with compliance oversight.

Prior to that she spent many years with loanDepot–under the tutelage of Queenie!–serving as a compliance analyst serving as a CRITICAL resource for business and responsible for vetting major projects and marketing creatives.

According to Queenie, Angelika is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread:

“I am so incredibly excited to be bringing Angelika in. She was FANTASTIC to work with. So sharp. So intuitive and knowledgeable. Really just the best resource someone could hope for in a role like hers.” Puja said.

Obviously I’m pretty happy about this as well. As I continue building out the ultimate SUPER TEAM, having somebody with Angelika’s incredible experience and depth in a paralegal role is almost an unfair advantage. No one can match what we’re building over here–which is EXACTLY what I promised when I set out to build the world’s greatest law firm. (And ANOTHER  huge addition coming next week!!!)

She’s happy to be here and we’re HAPPY to have her!

Really pleased to be able to roll out a new level of service around state-specific offerings now that Angelika is here.  She brings that CATALOG of knowledge that we needed! Troutman Firm now will have 50 state resources available, a la carte. Which is just fun.

Speaking of fun–and not to detract about the big news of Angelika’s arrival–but I’m teaming up with Mike Ferree for a really critical update on the BIG recent news:

  1. The CFPB being struck down as unconstitutional (sort of);
  2. The Ninth Circuit’s stinging rebuke of Porch and what it means for B2B callers; and
  3. The Ninth Circuit saving Visalus from certain destruction with a ruling that changes the TCPAWorld–and potentially for the better.

This is some sort of a linkedin/live podcast thing that Mike set up so I’m not really sure how you register for it (or maybe you just show up?).


Links below. You WON’T want to miss it!


In the MEANTIME be sure to welcome Angelika to the firm!!! Her email is ANGELIKA@TROUTMANFIRM.COM

Be sure to congratulate queenie as well, she is really excited: (Angelika joining may, or may not, have been a condition of Puja agreeing to come on board. hahahha.)



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