Here are earlier (non-video) versions of our awesome podcast, featuring huge names like Jay Edelson, Todd Friedman, Sergei Lemberg and Abbas Kazerounian.

Episode 11:


Guest (LIVE ON STAGE): Colorado State Senator Jeff Bridges (D.)

Record date: January 21, 2020

Drop date: January 22, 2020











This one was truly unprecedented. A live podcast recording before a huge and vocal audience–on the main stage of Lead Generation World! What were we thinking? hahaha

Somehow the podcast went fantastic, and our great guest gave us breaking news and plenty to think about– State Senator Jeff Bridges from Colorado.

Talk about a sharp cookie–he even had the Czar back on his heels for a bit during the interview. You cannot miss his insights about the inevitability of further state-specific legislation around data privacy, telemarketing and robocalls. 

Before we get there, however, the TCPAWorld cast breaks down the biggest recent TCPA developments–again live and ON STAGE–including:

You absolutely cannot miss this presentation.

Host: The Czar

Cast:   ArchdukeGrand Duchess

Episode 10:


Guest (POWERline): TCPA Volume Kingpin and Picklemaker Sergei Lemberg

Record date: October 29, 2019

Drop date: November 8, 2019











Well last month WebRecon shows that Sergei Lemberg is back on top with more TCPA filings than anyone else in the country. More importantly, he represents the Plaintiff in the big Druguid case that is possibly on its way up to the Supreme Court to determine whether the TCPA complies with the First Amendment.

You will not want to miss this big interview in which TCPAWorld’s noted “Picklemaker” tells the Unprecedented podcast team that he is going “all the way” with Druguid –he even tells us how to pronounce it and it is not even close to houw you think.  He also discusses his strategy for bringing these cases, how he got into the TCPA game, and what he thinks might be coming next. You won’t want to miss it.

Before we get to the interview we break down all the biggest news of the week including:

You can’t miss this one folks!

Host: The Czar

Cast:   ArchdukeGrand Duchess, Czarina

Episode 9:  VoApps  Founder/Inventor David King Joins Us To Discuss Why Direct Drop Voicemail Is not Subject to the TCPA

David King

Guest (POWERline): DirectDrop voicemail inventor David King.

Record date: September 5, 2019

Drop date: September 11, 2019

Another AMAZING episode, this one featuring a true American innovator– David King, the inventor of VoApps ringless voicemail technology. David joins us to discuss VoApps’ technology and its recent efforts to assist Defendants sued in TCPA suits. Its a strong move by VoApps considering that litigation surrounding the TCPA propriety of its technology is ongoing.

Before the interview we break down the biggest TCPA news from the last week, including:

Yet another Unprecedented TCPA experience coming your way!

Host: The Czar

Cast:   ArchdukeGrand Duchess

Episode 8:  Former Congressional Staffer Margaret Daum Helps Us Understand TCPA Legislative Developments


Guest (POWERline): Former Hill Staffer Margaret Daum.

Record date: August 29, 2019

Drop date: September 4, 2019

Well we’re back folks and you cannot miss this.

Dusting off the fun and sun of summer, the TCPAWorld team is back in action. We breakdown all the big TCPA developments over the last few months, including:

And then we get to the incredible interview with Margaret Daum.  What a hitter!

Margaret spent over a decade conducting sensitive and high-profile congressional investigations on the hill. She was actually part of the powerful Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. My goodness– who better to help guide us through the process of these two bills (TRACED and SBRA) merging together to become one–and how best to get me (the Czar) to testify before Congress. (And who better to help guide you through any sticky Congressional investigation in the extremely unfortunate event you or someone you love (or work for) gets sucked into one.)

Per usual this episode of Unprecedented is jam-packed, fast-moving TCPA excitement. Enjoy!

Host: The Czar

Cast:   Archduke, Duchess

Episode 7:  Numeracle CEO Talks Default Call Blocking Rules

Guest (IN STUDIO– Washington D.C.): Rebekah Johnson– Visionary CEO and Founder of Numeracle


Record date: June 6, 2019

Drop date: June 11, 2019

Rebekah Johnson, the visionary CEO and foudner of Numeracle, explains how callers are now at the mercy of phone carrier analytics and cannot expect their calls to go through without help. That’s where Numeracle comes in. Rebekah and the Czar dive deep into the FCC’s new default call-blocking rules,  addressing the contours of the brave new world we now inhabit in which carriers may wield tremendous power over which calls do and do not connect.  Rebekah explains why there’s a real risk that legitimate callers–particularly debt collectors– are at risk of being frozen out.

Before we get to the interview, however, the team breaks down the biggest TCPA news of the week, including a recent decision determining when a call is actually “made” under the TCPA, a critical new case out of Florida holding that contractual consent is irrevocable, and the Sixth Circuit’s smack down of a bid by a lawyer to bring repeat claims for calls to a landline phone.

Host: The Czar

Cast:  Knight, Jester,  ArchdukeGrand Duchess

Episode 6:  Abbas Kazerounian Talks CCPA and First Amendment

Guest (POWERline): Abbas Kazerounian– Godfather of TCPA Class Actions and the CCPA


Record date: May 23, 2019

Drop date: May 28, 2019

Abbas Kazerounian – the “Godfather” of TCPA class actions – breaks down California’s new privacy act – the CCPA. Abbas helped draft the statute and, as one of the most feared consumer litigators in the nation, plans to use it to good effect. You simply cannot miss his insights in this area. Of course, as one of the country’s leaders in defending consumer class actions in the privacy space, you can also count on us to bring you 360 degree analysis and coverage of CCPA developments – and this interview with Abbas is just the start.

But don’t worry TCPAWorld, we didn’t spend the entire interview talking about CCPA. I also take Abbas to task on First Amendment issues and the remarkable fact that consumer lawyers are chipping away at our constitutional rights by advocating for a watered-down version of strict scrutiny in TCPA cases. As I argue to Abbas– the precedent created in these cases damages the First Amendment landscape for all of us in every context. Abbas fights back hard at times, but even he sees the inherent danger of eroding our Constitutional protections in the name of stopping robocalls.

Before we get to the interview we breakdown Commissioner O’Reilly’s big speech–and how best to leverage it–and of course you cannot miss our take on the TRACED Act. We break it down and explain exactly what to expect if (and when!) the bill becomes law.

Host: The Czar

Cast:   ArchdukeGrand Duchess

Episode 5:  Morgan & Morgan Lawyers In Studio to Talk TCPA Shop

Guest (IN STUDIO): Tav Gomez and Frank Kerney–head of Morgan & Morgan’s Consumer Protection Department


Record date: May 2, 2019

Drop date: May 7 2019

If there is one firm that has cashed in the most from the explosion of TCPA litigation over the last few years it is surely Morgan & Morgan.

Billing themselves as the largest plaintiff’s law firm in the world, Morgan & Morgan’s aggressive consumer protection department has boasted nearly 10% of all TCPA filings over the last 4 years. Their lawyers have single-handedly made the Middle District of Florida ground zero for the TCPA explosion and have recently expanded their footprint into Georgia, Tennessee and even far flung jurisdictions like Michigan and California. And as the firm transitions toward a greater focus on class litigation the near “limits” resources available to Morgan & Morgan make it a dangerous “go the distance” adversary that everyone needs to take seriously.

In a revealing interview with the head of Morgan & Morgan’s consumer protection department– Tav Gomez– the Unprecedented podcast team unpackages all the big TCPA developments and explore the consumer bar’s perspective on matters such as the ATDS definition and the impact of AAPC, striking down part of the TCPA.

Host: The Czar

Cast:   Czarina, Archduke, Grand Duchess


Episode 4:  Former Rep Joe. Crowley (D. N.Y.) and Yitzchak Zelman

Guest (IN STUDIO): Former Rep. Joe Crowley


Guest (Powerline): Yitzchak Zelman


Record date: April 18, 2019

Drop date: April 23 2019

The fourth episode of Unprecedented is completely jammed packed.  First, former Rep. Joe Crowley (D. N.Y.)– a man who spent many of his 20 years in Congress as part of Democratic leadership– joined the Unprecedented podcast IN STUDIO this week. We discussed his rise into politics, his time in Congress and his decision to join Squire Patton Boggs. Most importantly, however, he gives us an expert-eye view of TRACED–the startling expansion of the TCPA working its way swiftly through Congress— and explains how SPB’s policy team can assist clients interested in assuring that their concerns about the enactment are heard–before it is too late.

Then we talk with Yitzchak Zelman — the biggest name in TCPAWorld that you may not have ever heard (or know how to pronounce.) He was lead counsel for Mr. Reyes in Reyes v. Lincoln Financial ServicesHe was lead counsel for Ms. Pinkus in Pinkus v. Siruis XM Radio And he partly avenged those losses in his big recent wins in Jiminez– rejecting a good faith defense for wrong number phone calls— and N.L. v. Credit One— a trial victory, the first of his career.

Host: The Czar

Cast:   Czarina, Archduke


Episode 3:  Robocall Index CEOs break Down Robocall Data and Tracking Methods

Guests (Powerline): YouMail (Robocall Index) CEO Alex Quilici and Hiya (Robocall Radar) CEO Alex AlgardQuilici

Alex Quilici (YouMail CEO)


Alex Algard (Hiya CEO)

Record date: April 11, 2019

Drop date: April 16, 2019

The third episode of Unprecedented is absolutely groundbreaking as we speak with the CEOs of the two most recognized robocall tracking indexes in the world– Alex Quilici of YouMail (publisher of the Robocall Index) and Alex Algard of Hiya (publisher of the Robocall Radar.) In a remarkable first-of-its-kind exchange, these CEOs  hash out what a robocall really is, how tracking consumer behavior can help us better understand the scale and appropriate response to the robocall epidemic, and how advances in technology and sophisticated algorithms are being leveraged in the private sector to bring an end to this catastrophic robocall rise. We also fact-check the statements made by the NCLC regarding robocall volumes to Congress in an interview recorded the same day the testimony took place.  Wow!

Host: The Czar

Cast:   Grand DuchessDuchess,  Countess


Episode 2:  Todd Friedman, ATDS Definition, Willfulness, FCC Developments

FriedmanGuest (Powerline): TCPAWorld’s Firestarter– Todd Friedman

Record Date: April 4, 2019

Drop date: April 9, 2019

The second episode of Unprecedented breaks more new ground with a break down of the FCC ATDS compromise,If your organization has a call center or outreach program, you simply can’t afford to miss the valuable insights you can glean from this candid discussion with TCPA mass-filer Todd Friedman.

Host: The Czar

Cast:  KnightArchdukeDuchess,  Countess


Episode 1:  Jay Edelson, Ringless Voicemails, Traced, and So Much More  

Edelson in TCPAworld Swag

Guest (Powerline): TCPAWorld’s Boogeyman– Jay Edelson

In our first ever Unprecedented episode we break down TRACED, PDR Resources, Schaevitz, Khs Corp, and Jay Edelson joins our podcast to predict a nine-figure TCPA settlement–and so much more.

You can’t miss this first-ever episode of the Unprecedented podcast.

Host: The Czar

Cast:  Grand Duchess, Czarina, Knight, Archduke, Duchess



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