Meet the Czar of the TCPA World

Already one of the best known lawyers in the U.S. telecom legal space following the success of the TCPA.World brand, former Big Law partner Eric J. Troutman, has embarked on his next project.

“I plan for Troutman Amin, LLP to take over the legal world.” Troutman quipped when discussing the launch of his newly-minted law firm “Troutman Amin, LLP.”

Known simply as “the Czar” in certain legal circles, Troutman is one of the country’s prominent class action defense lawyers, trusted by many of the nation’s biggest companies to handle billion-dollar exposure cases.

“Its always an honor to handle a company’s most complex cases.” Troutman said. “These are the cases these businesses simply cannot afford to lose. And I never lose sight of that as I set to work.”

Troutman has long been a leader in defending high stakes class litigation—particularly those suits brought under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). He has served as lead defense counsel in over 350 national class actions brought under the TCPA alone, and is widely regarded as one of the most experienced complex litigators in the nation.

Yet, he is somehow even better known as a legal writer—one who has published thousands of articles providing guidance on legal issues to help other lawyers to improve their craft.

“I decided long ago that I would use my platform and experience to help empower other attorneys to improve their own practice” Troutman advised “That’s why I created and always allowed everyone—even competitors—to have access to my thoughts and analysis. I want to help people to become better lawyers.”

Troutman also uses his considerable sway to help advocate for common sense changes to prevent abusive litigation—a topic his is passionate about—while at the same time pushing businesses to make more responsible use of robocalling technology.

“It is true that there is a rash of terrible and baseless lawsuits out there that should never be filed” Troutman says “But it is equally important that industry participants look at themselves in the mirror and take accountability. That’s why I always push for better industry standards and use my influence and experience to help companies operate in a more consumer-friendly way.”

Given Troutman’s role as a world-class complex litigator and thought leader he serves as an invaluable consulting resource for companies struggling to comply with the extremely complex and shifting US telecom regulatory landscape. In that role he has helped some of the nation’s largest banks, retailers, and high technology companies and platforms build TCPA compliant processes, policies, and systems.

“There’s nothing I love more than taking a large company and helping it change its ways to become more compliant with the law” Troutman confirmed. “And then to watch the number of lawsuits a company faces plummet as I take over their strategic defense—its very validating. Very powerful stuff.”

Now standing at the summit of the legal profession Troutman is turning his sights to the business of law with the launch of his own law firm.

“I have been an equity partner at three different international law firms. I’ve spent most of my career in so-called ‘Big Law’ and helped manage these behemoths—I know there is a better way” Troutman said when discussing his rationale for stepping out on his own. “I’m going to build a new law firm from the ground up—and it will be built to meet my standards. That means we are going to be delivering extremely robust and capable legal services efficiently. No waste. No nonsense.”

“When the clients get my bill” Troutman continued “I want them to think ‘Man, that’s a great price for what I just received.’ How often is that the case now adays?”

Troutman’s first office is currently located in Orange County, California but through a network of participating local counsel he plans to continue his practice nationwide.

“I have been given special admission to over 30 different courts across the country and I will continue to use pro hac vice status to help clients wherever they need me.” Troutman advised. “I practice in courts from New York, Florida, Texas, and Colorado to—of course—California.”


*Past performance not a guarantee of future results. No one can guarantee you a victory in any particular case. We just work hard to put ourselves in the best position to understand the lay of the land and apply the best possible defense tactics to assist you.