Meet the Rulers of the TCPA World

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Our Incredible TCPA Defense Team is Truly World-Class.

We have one of the most experienced and knowledgeable TCPA defense teams in the world– backed by one of the most powerful legal names in the world– Squire Patton Boggs.

Led by TCPAWorld’s lead author and editor–Eric J. Troutman— members of SPB’s TCPA defense team have served as lead counsel in over 100 different nationwide class actions, advocated to numerous different Circuit Courts of Appeal and the United States Supreme Court, and routinely advocate before the FCC on regulatory issues critical to industry.

While many firms now tout TCPA expertise, Eric has been there from the beginning. He built one of the country’s first TCPA-only defense teams and began serving as national TCPA counsel for his clients nearly a decade ago. This perspective allows him to swiftly develop the right litigation strategies for dealing with recurring problems, without wasting time on tactics that are bound to fail.*

But Eric’s rich historical perspective, incredible track record and encyclopedic knowledge of the TCPA worldscape is just the tip of the iceberg at Squire Patton Boggs.

Take a look at our diverse and talented TCPA Defense Team:

Eric J. Troutman– The Czar of TCPAWorld
Los_Angeles_Troutman_E_J_Master Partner, Los Angeles, California

T +1 213 689 6510

NLR Go To Thought Leadership Award
Petrina Hall McDaniel– The Czarina of TCPAWorld
Atlanta_McDaniel_P_Master Partner, Atlanta, Georgia

T +1 678 272 3207


Emily L. Wallerstein– the Duchess of TCPAWorld
Los_Angeles_Wallerstein_E_uc Senior Associate, Los Angeles, California

T +1 213 689 5185


Paul C. Besozzi– The Baron of TCPAWorld
Washington_DC_Besozzi_P_uc Senior Partner, Washington DC

T +1 202 457 5292


Amy B. Doolittle– The Grand Duchess of TCPAWorld
Washington_DC_Brown_A_uc Partner, Washington DC

T +1 202 626 6707


Daniel L. Delnero– the Archduke of TCPAWorld
DD Senior Attorney, Atlanta, Georgia

T +1 678 272 3230


Keshia Lipscomb– The Countess of TCPAWorld
Atlanta_Lipscomb_K_Master Associate, Atlanta, Georgia

T +1 678 272 3224


Zarish S. Baig– The Royal Knight of TCPAWorld
Los_Angeles_Baig_Z_Master Associate, Los Angeles, California

T +1 213 689 5152


M. Brandon Howard– The Jester of TCPAWorld
Atlanta_Howard_Brandon_Master Associate, Atlanta, Georgia

T  +1 678 272 3231


Chassica Soo
Los_Angeles_Soo_C_Master Senior Associate, Los Angeles, California

T +1 213 689 6503


Eduardo R. Guzmán
Washington_DC_Guzman_E_master Partner, Washington DC

T +1 202 457 6412


Shaun Kim
Los_Angeles_Kim_S_Master Associate, Los Angeles, California

T +1 213 689 6511


Alexandra M. Petrillo
Columbus_Petrillo_Ally_Master Associate, Columbus, Ohio

T +1 614 365 2762


*Past performance not a guarantee of future results. No one can guarantee you a victory in any particular case. We just work hard to put ourselves in the best position to understand the lay of the land and apply the best possible defense tactics to assist you.

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