So, you’re an ace litigator. Top of your class. Hungry. Determined. You never stop. You’re the best of the best.

But you’re so BORED.

Big firms offer nothing but tedious bureaucracy with partners who never take the time to teach you anything (maybe because they don’t really know how to litigate to begin with.) Experience is hard to come by. Tasks are often mundane. No one seems to know what’s important half the time and sometimes you wonder whether the bills are even justified. Plus you can’t really trust anyone. Everyone says one thing to your face and something different behind your back.

Dull. Awful. Yawn.

Or perhaps you’re stuck at some litigation mill somewhere. Your standards are exceptionally high and you never fail to hit the mark, but the lawyers around you lack your drive and ambition. They don’t really seem to care the way you do. They don’t work hard and they leave the client in the lurch. You hate to see it. Worse, when someone else screws up you’re the one the firm expects to fix it. Obviously you do it–because you can and the client needs you to–but what a terrible situation.

I feel you. Been there.

Imagine a law firm built from the ground up for one purpose alone–to win the biggest and most complex cases facing major enterprises today. A firm where every single professional working there is hand picked by one of the most precise and exacting attorneys on the planet. A place where there are no phonies allowed. No politics, just performance.

Welcome to the Troutman Amin, LLP.

It is certainly NOT a place for everyone–and that’s by design. Those seeking “work-life balance” or who think the practice of law is a 5 day a week profession need not apply. This place is for those who want to push themselves to get better.

Who take their careers–and their duties to their clients–extremely seriously.

Perfectionists and artists who are never satisfied until the job is done, and done right.
In short, people who deserve to win.

If YOU have what it takes–and want to be surrounded by other similarly-minded individuals in the most ELITE legal environment imaginable–there is simply nothing else out there like this opportunity.

Of course, the pay will be outstanding. The benefits–platinum level. But the opportunity to help build the greatest law firm ever conceived–while having a bunch of fun along the way– is the real compensation.

If this sounds like something you’re capable of contributing to feel free to reach out to the Czar personally to apply.