Awesome!: Reading TCPAworld Articles Now Qualifies for CEB Credit

Editor’s Note: This was just for a little April Fool’s day fun. Did you fall for it?

Well that took long enough.

We’ve been up and running for an entire month and the international Continuing Education of the Bar (CEB) foundation “CEBNOW” has finally recognized’s articles as worthy of CEB accreditation across the globe.

“We are most pleased to announce that reviewing articles now qualifies for CEB credit in all of the jurisdictions we serve” Said Dr. Maxwell Notatallreal from his office in Madrid, Spain “This means that lawyers from Antarctica to Alaska will now qualify for CEB credit by reading articles.”

CEBNOW also issued a statement reading “ articles are so timely and insightful that we couldn’t overlook this valuable source of CEB training for lawyers any further. There’s nothing quite like it out there.”

Here’s how it works. For every 5 a lawyer certifies she or he has read they are entitled to 1 hour of CEB. Because CEBNOW operates internationally, the credit is good all across the globe–including in all 50 U.S. states and in 4 U.S. territories.

To submit your CLE accreditation, simply click here for the form.

At time of this writing the CEBNOW foundation is also waiting to review’s new podcast for possible inclusion for “live” CEB credit. More to come.

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