No Average Joe: Former U.S. Rep. Joe Crowley (D. N.Y.) IN STUDIO On Unprecedented talks TRACED, NAFTA (and a little AOC)

It’s no secret that former Rep. Joe Crowley (D. N.Y.) has joined Squire Patton Boggs– one of the most powerful lobbying firms in the nation. His “blockbuster” addition to Squire was heralded on Fox News among numerous other news outlets.


Today he appeared–IN STUDIO–on SPB’s Unprecedented podcast, sitting down with the Czar (one on one)  to talk about his incredible 20 year career in the U.S. House of Representatives and his leadership position within the Democratic party.

The interview was truly remarkable. Joe discusses his family background and his decision to launch into politics–interestingly he avenged an Uncle’s defeat to earn his House seat, you’ll want to hear about that– before discussing his decision to join Squire and assist its policy team.


Next we turn to the important TCPAWorld legislative developments– particularly the TRACED Act. He helps guide us through an understanding of how things really work in Washington, as we discuss where the bill is in the process of becoming law and how folks can still get involved with the process if they have concerns about the Act and want to see modifications be made.


Along the way we discuss his time in Congress and what sort of relationships he developed with this colleagues there. I couldn’t help but ask how he’s getting along with Republican former Speaker of the House Rep. John Boehner (who is also at Squire), and his answer was really surprising.


I really could not have been more impressed with his insights and he made a wonderful first IN STUDIO guest on Unprecedented. The guy is just brilliant and I learned a ton.


Listen to the podcast–available here next Tuesday— to find out:

  • What drove Joe to get into politics to begin with?
  • What was his time serving in Congress really like?
  • Why’d he choose to come to Squire and what work is Squire’s policy team capable of?
  • How is he getting along with Republican former Speaker of the House Rep. John Boehner now that he’s joined Squire?
  • Why is TRACED so unique among current Robocall legislation and what it its potential impact on business?
  • Now that TRACED seems certain to pass in the Senate is it too late to get involved in the process to amend the bill or help avoid unintended consequences from the Act?
  • How can Squire’s incredible stable of former Representatives and Senators assist clients looking to make an impact on the political process and assure that their concerns are heard and understood by lawmakers?
  • How do members of Congress actually vote anyway? Do they use those fancy little handhelds like on American Idol?

And yes, we sneak in a little AOC talk. Couldn’t help it. (Though I tried!)


And that’s only HALF of next week’s new can’t miss episode of the Unprecedented podcast. More to come.

Editor’s Note: The Unprecedented Podcast is a huge success, and is now available on Soundcloud (,  Podbean (, and Spotify (  A Soundcloud player is now embedded on the Unprecedented podcast page on 



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