Abbas Is Back! Godfather of TCPA Class Actions Talks First Amendment and CCPA–Yes That CCPA– on Unprecedented Podcast

Well the Godfather of TCPA class actions–Abbas Kazerounian— joined us on Unprecedented this week and it turns out he is also something of the Godfather of the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”).

Abbas sits on a board of plaintiff’s lawyers here in California that was asked to review drafts of the CCPA while it was under consideration. As Abbas humbly puts it he helped “draft” the statute and fought hard against industry-side groups that wanted to remove the private right of action.


Abbas Kazerounian

In an interview that gets a bit heated at times, I push him on the vague language of the CCPA and query whether the “gotcha” language poses a trap for well-meaning businesses. Abbas defends the statute and breaks it down from a Plaintiff-side perspective. He explains the “sliding scale” approach to reasonableness he expects to be applied and asserts that the vague language is essential given the competing interests being balanced in enacting the statute. He also explains how he hopes to leverage the statute and how it is intended to be used.

If the CCPA intersects with your line of work in any way you absolutely must listen hear from Abbas. As one of the most feared consumer lawyers in the nation– and one of the drafters of the CCPA– his insights are critical and he was extremely candid with his thoughts on Unprecedented. You will not want to miss it.

Of course, as one of the country’s leaders in privacy law and defending consumer class actions in the privacy space, you can also count on Squire Patton Boggs to bring you 360 degree analysis and coverage of CCPA developments – and this interview with Abbas is just the start.

But don’t worry TCPAWorld, we didn’t spend the entire interview talking about CCPA. I also take Abbas to task on First Amendment issues and the remarkable fact that consumer lawyers are chipping away at our constitutional rights by advocating for a watered-down version of strict scrutiny in TCPA cases. As I argue to Abbas– the precedent created in these cases damages the First Amendment landscape for all of us in every context. Abbas fights back hard at times, but even he sees the inherent danger of eroding our Constitutional protections in the name of stopping robocalls.

Before we get to the interview we breakdown Commissioner O’Reilly’s big speech–and how best to leverage it–and of course you cannot miss our take on the TRACED Act. We break it down and explain exactly what to expect if (and when!) the bill becomes law.

All in a week’s work TCPAWorld. Enjoy!