Robocall Legislation Update: PA Passes Bill Requiring Permanent Maintenance of Do Not Call Requests

Real quick—if you are calling folks in Pennsylvania go ahead and hold onto any “do not call” requests you receive. Like, forever.

The bill, HB-318 passed the PA House back in February and lingered around the upper chamber for a few months before sailing through the Senate 49-0 yesterday. You can read the full text of the bill here: PA Robocall BIll

The most important take away is that DNC requests no longer expire. Instead a caller has to honor the request until the called party asks for the “Robocalls” to be turned back on again. Enjoy that warm day in Gahena.

Also, solicitation calls on legal holidays are now expressly forbidden by law. (You’d be surprised how rare that requirement is.)  And the bill establishes a bunch of new rules for “robocallers” regarding procedures for maintaining an internal DNC protocol.

The bill is not yet law, it needs to be signed by the Governor. No one expects him to delay doing so.

Keep an eye on these state restrictions folks— or hire us to do it for you. Either way is fine.

Hang in there TCPAWorld.


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