ACA Int’l Releases Huge TCPA Podcast: Czar and Archduke Join BCA Financial GC to Discuss Impact of TCPA On Debt Collection Industry

ACA Cast

Hold on to our hats folks.

Well I don’t agree to be interviewed on just anybody’s podcast–in fact, I’ve never done it before–but when debt collection industry education giant ACA Int’l–yes that ACA Int’l– comes a’knockin’ not even the Czar can say no.

In a 40 minute interview that–by design–stays grounded and practical, BCA Financial General Counsel Leslie Bender walks the Archduke and I through some of the most important TCPA issues impacting the debt servicing space.

We start by acknowledging the rough hand faced by collectors that call numbers obtained via skiptracing– from multi-million dollar judgments to unstoppable willfulness findings on summary judgments— and end up discussing the impact of Shaken/Stir and default call blocking rules on the collection industry. And in between we break down ATDS developments, special hazards in text campaigns, ringless voicemail technology and so, so much else.

We hold nothing back in this interview folks, answering all of the good GC’s questions with detail and specificity. Where else can you get this sort of insight?

Listen to the interview to find out:

  • Why is it such a bad idea to call skip traced numbers through an ATDS?
  • Why don’t we have clarity on the ATDS issue yet and what’s coming yet?
  • What is the lay of the ATDS landscape currently?
  • Why are text message campaigns more dangerous that phone campaigns?;
  • What are the hallmarks of obtaining express consent these days?;
  • Why is transparent communication with consumers so critical?;
  • How does the Shaken/Stir framework upgrade impact outbound callers in this industry?;
  • What level of revocation is effective these days, especially in the text context?;
  • How can debt collectors leverage Good Reyes and contractual consent?;
  • Why does the Czar say that everybody should be trying to obtain contractual consent?;
  • Should a written revocation paradigm be used as part of a contract or otherwise?;
  • Why are ringless voicemails so dangerous if used without consent?;
  • So so much more.

The podcast can be found here–and its awesome.

It was a real honor to be asked to participate in this podcast and I’ll see you in Chicago at ACA’s big Fall Forum & Expo November 8, 2019. 





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