TCPAWorld Special–Proposed CCPA Regulations: Initial Overview and Highlights

The CCPA and TCPA live dangerously parallel lives. As one of the most experienced consumer class litigation outfits in the state of California, we here at are keeping a very close eye on CCPA developments, while working with our colleagues that specialize in privacy more broadly. (Quite the tandem.) Well the folks in Squire Patton Boggs’ powerful Data Privacy and Cybersecuirty practice have penned a very impressive article that’s a real must read. Check it out here:

This is a real must read article folks. In broad strokes the article covers the biggest take aways from the new proposed regs. While the article notes that these materials are complex–maybe not by TCPA standards, but complex enough– and further analysis will follow, it still contains a great breakdown of the biggest components of the reg, including answers to some burning questions:

  • What Is Addressed by the Proposed Regulations?
  • What Are the Biggest Changes?
  • How is the Deterrence of Fraud Addressed?
  • What’s With the Focus on Offline Activity?
  • What Clarifications Are Provided to Service Providers?
  • Does an Opt-Out Button or Logo Need to be Used?
  • How Do You Calculate the Value of Consumer Data?
  • And what Are the Procedural Details for Individual Rights Requests?
    • What are Opt-Out Requirements?
    • How Do You Respond to Rights Requests?
    • What about Deletion Details and Records Retention?

This stuff is just too much fun. Check out the article and keep in mind that our powerful team of advocates can assist your organization in commenting on these Proposed Regulations. (Unless, of course, you think they’re fine as written.)

The final regulations will not be approved until close to or after the effective date of January 1, 2020, but we are recommending that TCPAWorld buckle up and take steps now toward developing consumer-facing documents, as well as internal policies and procedures.

Need help? Well that’s why we exist.  Feel free to reach out. If I can’t answer your question off the top of my soon-to-be-hairless head, I can set you up with one of our privacy gurus that know this stuff cold.

Also don’t miss my huge sponsored webinar next month discussing the crossover between the TCPA and the CCPA. Yeah… we’re going to break the internet with that one folks.

Editor’s Note: This article originally parroted the Data Privacy and CyberSecurity Blog Post 


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