A Czar and a Plaintiff’s Attorney Walk Into Leadscon Industry Impact. Hilarity And Awesome TCPA Action Ensues

When I teamed up with the Czar at Squire Patton Boggs, several people asked how his actual personality compares to his TCPAWorld persona. Hopefully this picture of him and Tav Gomez from Morgan & Morgan puts those questions to bed.

But on a (somewhat) more serious note, as many of you know the Czar is currently on a cross-country speaking tour. His latest stop was at the big Leadscon Industry Impact convention, where he went toe-to-toe in a last man standing cage match with Tav, one of the most prolific TCPA-plaintiff’s attorneys in the country. And while they clearly had some fun along the way, the resulting debate was enlightening for all in attendance and covered several hot-button issues in TCPAWorld from both a defense and plaintiff’s perspective.

Topics covered included: i) the ATDS debate; ii) practical tips for consent forms and web disclosures; iii) platform provider liability; iv) recent TCPA class action trends involving lead aggregators and lead purchasers; v) SHAKEN/STIR and carrier default call blocking rules and so much more.

If you have a chance to see the Czar speak in person, I highly recommend doing so. You never know what he might wear next!

For those of you that can make it he speaks tomorrow- October 23, 2019- in Irvine, CA at the California edition of LeadsCon Industry Impact 2020. For obvious reasons these things are generating huge buzz. Make it if you can.

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