Speaking Tour Update: Czar Talks TCPA Three Times in One Week– Biggest Events Still Yet To Come!

As I reported a while back, the TCPA Czar’s Fourth Quarter speaking blitz is now in high gear. Last week he covered three different venues bringing critical TCPA know-how to mortgage services, the debt collection industry and the short term lender’s bar.


First, last Wednesday November 6, 2019 the Czar spoke to a boisterous bunch of mortgage lenders, servicers and marketers at the big RegList on the Ocean event. RegList is a fantastic organization that delivers a ton of value to its members and the Czar was pleased to have been personally invited to speak by its owner. Plus the topic of the presentation was unique– Let’s talk Sales!–it was the Czar’s first telemarketing-only presentation and he taught audience members how best to leverage messaging loopholes, er exemptions, to drive consumer engagement and conversion. The crowd was enthusiastic, to say the least.

Troutman and Gladstone

On Friday, the Czar found himself on the big stage at ACA’s tremendous Fall Forum alongside noted TCPA Kingmaker Jeremy Gladstone, Director and Assistant General Counsel at Capital One. The TCPA tandem focused on topics most impactful to the debt collection industry including the need to isolate manual dialing efforts more than ever before and challenges in connecting with consumers spinning out of the new default call blocking rules allowing carriers to block calls they deem “unwanted” by consumers. There was a great deal of back and forth, and give and take from the stage.

And just today the Czar spoke at the annual Short Term Lenders Bar meeting. This one was a bit of a racehorse as the Czar and the Grand Duchess–together on the same stage for the first time ever!–were tasked with bringing the audience up to date on cutting edge TCPA developments in a blockbuster 45 minute slot. Talk about challenging. But the content was fresh and the delivery was concise and the audience left with both a high level understanding of key developments and much-needed practical guidance.


All three events saw great swag –including mugs, hats, T-shirts and copies of the 2019 TCPA mid-year review the Czar wrote a couple months back. And it’s always a fun time when the Czar wanders the stage taking questions and getting riled up.

Those of you that have missed these recent events fret not– the Czar will be speaking at DNC.com’s huge TCPA summit in St. Pete, Florida on December 10, 2019. This is the Woodstock of the TCPA as the Czar will be joined by Hogan Lovell’s TCPA advocacy heavyweight Mark Brennan to spend over 8 hours discussing TCPA, privacy and telecommunication related topics with the crowd. Then looking to January the Czar is speaking at Lead Generation World before taking the big stage at LeadsCon next March.

But just next week something really special. The Czar is still scheduled to present a huge webinar on the cross-over between CCPA and TCPA! The Czar never does webinars but he’s agreed to do this one because of the intense interest in the topic.

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