Clickbait?: Here’s That Wildly Popular CCPA/TCPA Webinar You Missed And an Unrelated Picture of Me at the FCC Today

Its been a pretty wild month of November for me. Wrapping five speaking gigs with a set of all-important meetings with the FCC today made for quite the whirlwind.

Figured you’d enjoy a classic click-bait photograph of an anonymous team smiling before the FCC’s front door today. There’s a story here, of course, but it will have to wait until our ex parte filing in a couple of days. Who are these people? Why were we there?


For now, those of you who missed’s huge CCPA/TCPA cross-over event featuring myself (the Czar) and privacy-guru Lydia De La Torre (who joined us live from Brussels) can now enjoy the webinar at your leisure.

The webinar is a first-of-its-kind analysis of the CCPA as it applies to TCPA record-keeping requirements and broke just about every record for webinar attendance had. (Seriously, it was their best attended webinar since at least 2013–wow!)

We get laser focused right from the start and don’t waste a bunch of time needlessly re-hashing CCPA rules. Rather we look at the key issues call centers, servicers, and lead providers need to know NOW ahead of the big CCPA roll out in January. No muss, no fuss. Just the good stuff. You can’t miss this thing.

And, oh by the way, its FREE! Watch it now here.