Czar Rocks The TCPA Summit Earning Huge Praise From Attendees – And Lots Of Selfie Requests

The annual TCPA summit in St. Pete’s is always one of the year’s biggest TCPA events, and this year was no exception. A packed-house of attendees spent 8 glorious hours absorbing TCPA related content and learning, exploring and sharing ideas.

What an opportunity to network! Call center operators, lead sellers, lead buyers, servicing professionals, marketers, legal personnel, c-suite executives were all together for the day spurred to converse and percolate over the day’s stirring presentations.

The Czar himself was in attendance with two and a half hours of fresh content! He paced the room as he broke down key developments, railed against our deteriorating free speech rights, and answered deeply nuanced questions in his straight-to-the-point sort of way, clearing up common misconceptions along the way.

Unsurprisingly he received high praise on the presentation. “I’ve been attending conferences for ten years and that was the most valuable two hours of content I have ever received.” Remarked one attendee.

Another attendee affirmed that “[the Czar] somehow always finds a way to make this stuff interesting and engaging. It really was remarkable.”

Some attendees noted that they had made the trip to the summit “just to meet the Czar” and the Czar agreed to take selfies and sign autographs for the TCPAWorld faithful. (If you were there send in a pic and we’ll update this post!)

Everyone agreed that there is nothing quite like the experience of the TCPA summit. The room was simply abuzz between sessions and the opportunity to engage in a two hour question and answer session with the Czar and Hogan Lovell partner Mark Brennan was well worth the price of admission alone. Factor in the hours of prepared content, the welcome reception and cocktail hours to conclude the day and this might be the best value proposition offered by any conference.


And of course there was tons of great TCPAWorld swag for attendees although it was snatched up with shocking speed this year and the merch table was picked bare within about 20 minutes. Wow!

If you missed this one, another summit should be announced shortly. You really don’t want to miss out on the next one.

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