UPDATED: TCPAWorld.com Exceeds 100,000 Hits and a Big TCPAWorld Welcome to Jason Ingber

Well we are officially a big deal. The odometer has turned as TCPAWorld.com has exceeded 100,000 hits. How awesome is that?


To celebrate we’re giving all of our followers TCPAWorld.com T-shirts. Yep, I’m serious.


Free T-Shirts (Yours won’t be all wrinkly–I promise)

These things are awesome and pretty high quality. So if you were a follower of TCPAWorld.com as of the date and time of this post and want a TCPAWorld T-shirt, just shoot me an email (eric.troutman@squirepb.com) by the end of the year with an address where I should send it and your size preference (S,M,L,XL–subject to availability). We’ll even cover shipping costs– Happy Holidays!

For all of you non-followers, what are you waiting for? Awesome free TCPA content delivered right to your e-mail daily, breaking stories, analysis you won’t find anywhere else and even the occasional free T-shirt. You can’t beat it folks.

Plus you’ll get to read perspectives from awesome and knowledgeable folks– like UCLA Law grad and consumer finance veteran attorney Jason Ingber. We snagged Jason from Reed Smith a few weeks back.

tcpa world pic.jpg

Jason Ingber

This guy is awesome–notwithstanding the weird geometric art he chose to stand in front of for this picture– and he’s proven quite the clever writer. Its always an honor when quality talent like Jason elects to join your shop. Expect great things out of him, and the rest of our diverse, capable, and growing team.

Onward and upward!

Update: This is really neat. As folks write in to request their T-Shirt they’re showering us with praise:

  • Love love love TCPAWorld.com.
  • Love TCPA world. Only blog I read every post.”
  • a faithful Czar follower and shameless advertis[er] for your awesome creation TCPAWorld…”

We love you too!



  1. Good afternoon, Eric. Hope you are doing well. I couldn’t find your direct email to request a shirt for being a follower of TCPAWorld. Hopefully this will reach you. I would love to have a T-Shirt! Please send to my office address.

    9500 Westgate Road, Suite #105, Oklahoma City, OK 73162.


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