So I was re-listening to the podcast interview with Col. Sen. Jeff Bridges  over the weekend(oh hush—like your weekend was so much more exciting) and I was struck by how germane his closing thoughts were. Although a ton of you have listened to the podcast—and a huge number of you saw this thing live—I thought it was worth writing this out for you all to digest:

Relying on Congress to pass something right now is just not a place that I think most state legislators are comfortable waiting for. I understand the argument about a patchwork, and that would be a much more reasonable argument if we could have faith in the federal government to take any sort of action at all…

But I will say is that while politics in DC is disheartening and disappointing and disillusioning, in Colorado, and I’d say in most states at the state level, we actually work together. 96% of the bills that we passed last session were bi-partisan bills. And 2/3 of the bills we passed had support from half of all of the Republicans in the Legislature. So we are overwhelmingly working together at the state level to just pass the best bills that we possibly can. And the best bills come from conversation, they comes from stake holding, they come from having you all at the table, invested in the conversation, invested in finding a solution that works, and I invite you into that conversation anytime.

Notice how Senator Bridges identifies precisely why more state-level regulation and legislation is likely—as the federal lawmaking process grinds to a partisan halt the states must take up the mantle of primary lawbringers—and precisely why YOUR voice in the process is needed now more than ever. If the TCPA is struck down by SCOTUS you can bet your bottom dollar legislatures across the country will be working on replacement bills–and you can’t afford to be left out of the process.

Those of you following for any length of time understand how and why the solution to the Robocall epidemic is not the TCPAand how and why participation in the political process is so essential to fight back against those special interest groups that are slandering the names of legitimate American businesses. It was great to hear Sen. Bridges invite all of you to the table. I wanted to make sure you all heard his message.


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