Coronavirus Has its First Impact on TCPAWorld

New York State’s legislation that deems unsolicited telemarketing calls during a state of emergency unlawful, has officially just kicked in. New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo, has declared a state of emergency to address the effects of the coronavirus.  As explained on the governor’s website, the law prohibits telemarketers from “knowingly making unsolicited sales calls to any individual…during a declared state of emergency.” Business-to-Business calls are also prohibited by this law. The exceptions are when callers have consent to contact the called party, an Established Business Relationship, and political and survey calls.  The text of the declaration says that it will remain in effect until September 7, 2020 unless it’s rescinded sooner.  Please stay safe TCPAWorld!



  1. I’m pleased that New York State has implemented a state of emergency directing telemarketers to refrain from making unsolicited phone calls to unsuspecting consumers…..Again!!…as I stipulated in an earlier reply….”Let’s see if it’s enforced!”

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