We Scare Because We CARES: Huge TCPA/Privacy Cross-Over Covid19 Pandemic Webinar Coming Your Way… [WITH VIDEO TEASER]

So we’re all living in a new world. And when America emerges from the “Great Timeout” (trademark pending) consumer preferences and behavior will have changed forever. Those companies that are left standing will need to identify and adapt to those changed behaviors, and there can be little doubt that consumer data will play an instrumental roll in calibrating the new engines of whatever economy we have left.

In the meantime, however, businesses and caught up in arguably the fastest-moving regulatory environment in history. The slew of legislative and regulatory activity seems matched only by the pace at which law firms are pumping out often-thoughtless and kneejerk “analysis” to an increasingly wary audience. (Luckily Squire has the real “meats” on important issues that matter to your business.)

I know many of you are already tired of webinars but–tough cookies– you’re going to have to sit through a few more. Here’s the first:

Next week (Thursday, April 9, 2020) I will be joining Elliot Golding of Squire’s powerful privacy practice to discuss the fallout of the Covid19 PLAGUE and the impact it is having now and will have in the future on outreach efforts to consumers and privacy. The webinar is being put on by the good folks at LeadsCouncil–an important organization dedicated to provide industry standards to the performance marketing and lead generation communities. Expect us to cover:

  1. CARES and its impact on callers
  2. The new remote working environment and the impact on consumer data/privacy issues
  3. The maelstrom of swirling regulations, emergency declarations, and closures of non-essential businesses and how all of this impacts calling activity.

Here’s a teaser video for the webinar, crafted in soon-to-be-classic quarantine informality.

LeadsCouncil Leadership Webinar Series – Teaser Vol. 2 from LeadsCouncil on Vimeo.

You’re not going to want to miss this webinar if consumer privacy or interfacing with consumers is important to your business (and it is.) And unlike *other* webinars you know we’ll get straight to the point and give you actionable takeaways.


But if you can’t make it don’t worry–we’ll have another webinar for dnc.com following shortly thereafter.


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