As TCPAWorld previously reported, last month the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Enforcement Bureau (EB) informed parties interested in serving as the single consortium that conducts private-led efforts to trace back the origin of suspected unlawful robocalls that they had to provide Letters of Intent to the EB by May 21, 2020 ( The establishment of the consortium is a requirement under Section 13(d) of the Pallone-Thune TRACED Act.

According to the relevant FCC Docket (EB-20-22), the sole Letter of Intent was filed by the USTelecom Industry Traceback Group (ITG) (

The group, which is administered by US Telecom–The Broadband Association (US Telecom), a major trade association, is a “collaborative effort of voice service providers from across the wireline, wireless, voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) and cable industries that actively and dynamically trace and identify the source of illegal robocalls.” The ITG’s mission is “to identify the source of illegal and unwanted robocalls, and to provide this information to voice providers and government agencies, each of which can take different and tailored actions to mitigate illegal robocalls.”

Started in concept in 2015, the ITG now consists of “39 members from across the communications landscape, including wireline, wireless, cable, VoIP, and wholesale providers.” With respect to participation in the ITG, it is “open at no cost to any voice service provider that is committed to ending the illegal robocall challenge in compliance with the Policies and Procedures of the ITG.”

For 2020, as of April, the ITG had “already conducted more than 800 tracebacks.” Among other things, USTelecom “assists enforcement agencies at the federal and state level by sharing traceback data with these agencies who rely on the information and mitigate illegal robocall campaigns through enforcement actions.” Those agencies have taken action based on ITG data.

Under the FCC’s previous announcement, public comments on the ITG Letter of Intent can be submitted until June 5, 2020. Pursuant to the FCC’s original order setting up the process, the EB has until 90 days after May 21, 2020 to designate the registered consortium.

With only one current candidate, it may not take that long.

TCPAWorld will continue to follow.


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