Living Dangerously: TCPA Class Action Master Anthony Paronich Joins Unprecedented Podcast to Discuss Lead Buying Risks

When it comes to TCPA class action lawyers they don’t come more dangerous than Anthony Paronich. The guy is absolutely prolific and when he gets a hold of a company he is notorious for refusing to let go–even when substantial evidence suggests the case may not hold water.


TCPA Class Action Lawyer Anthony Paronich

In this week’s episode of Unprecedented we invite Counsel Paronich on the show to explain his perspective on why a Jornaya or a TrustedForum certificate simply may not be enough–in his opinion–to justify that prompt dismissal you might think is appropriate. You have to hear it to believe it.

More broadly, in his world view–which is not shared by or the author–lead sellers are commonly selling bad or false leads, even manufacturing consent documents at times. And in a landscape where leads simply cannot be trusted, a third-party verification form is simply not enough to discourage Paronich from pursuing his case; he demands documents from the ultimate lead source. And what happens when those records aren’t available? Listen to the interview to find out.

Paronich is extremely candid in this interview and explains articulately and intelligently why he believes lead buyers are ultimately responsible for illegal calls in most cases, even when consent looks pretty solid.  This includes his take on TCPA vicarious liability and Rule 23 certification–a real litigator’s delight. He underscores repeatedly the dangers of lead buyers making calls without really knowing who they’re doing business with.

Most important is his discussion of personal TCPA liability. Listen to Paronich reveal the one argument that he says is made on “bad advice” and that is sure to get you named PERSONALLY in a lawsuit– this one is CRITICAL and reason alone to listen to the interview.

Plus Paronich explains what he’s looking for in YOUR disclosures that he will use to defeat a finding of consent–including what he thinks of those hyperlink disclosures with a whole bunch of seller names hidden behind the bold blue print.

I keep the guy talking for about an hour (you’re welcome) and we meander through his background, his business practices, and how he finds clients. To his credit, Paronich is extremely candid and credible in this interview–he really lays it all on the line, expressly giving us some of his “tips and tricks.” He seems genuinely interested in cutting down on illegal calls– so ignore his calls to action at your peril.


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Anyone involved in lead buying or lead selling needs to listen to this interview from start to finish. It is an absolute MUST LISTEN/WATCH for those interested in understanding how to avoid being the target of a TCPA class action.

Before we get to the interview, of course, the team breaks down all of the biggest TCPA developments of the last week.

And STAY TUNED FOLKS–because the big interview with Commissioner O’Rielly is only a few days away.