AWESOME!!: Squire Patton Boggs Launches– Like TCPAWorld, but for the Entirety of Consumer Privacy Law

Well we’ve done it again.

Squire Patton Boggs is already synonymous with two words–POWER and PRIVACY. And  you’re about to see why like never before.


The new website will be the internet’s one stop-shop for all the news and views YOU need to make sense of the complex consumer privacy laws here in the United States. We’ll break down all the big new cases as they’re handed down– often beating the news agencies to a story– with a complete and thoughtful analysis that is easy to understand and digest. (Here’s my sweet little HELLO to all the CPW dwellers out there.)

You’ll understand WHAT happened, WHY it happened, and why it MATTERS to you. We’ll put everything in its proper context, relying on over a CENTURY of combined experience litigating and advising on privacy matters. (How about that?)

In short, CPW will be just as fast-paced and exciting as but cover a broader array of consumer privacy topics–including BIPA, CCPA and (most of all) FCRA. Imagine getting the same fast-paced, insightful and witty content you’re used to on on all those other privacy-related statutes. This is just HUGE news.

PLUS the site features awesome POWER pages–one stop landing pages that breakdown the most frequently-asked questions about the most confusing aspects of three major consumer privacy enactments: FCRA, BIPA, and the CCPA.

No other firm knows these fast-paced areas of law better than Squire Patton Boggs’ HUGE and DIVERSE team of experienced privacy litigators and compliance professionals— and that’s why so many clients trust us with their most challenging privacy litigation and legal challenges.

This stuff is absolutely cutting edge and the best part of all–ITS TOTALLY FREE. Just like TCPAWorld there will be no games and no gimmicks. No barriers around our content. You don’t have to fill out any forms or agree to any invasive contacts by our lawyers (ridiculous what the other guys try to pull). Just sign up and receive great, timely, content-– every single day.

Knowledge is power folks, and we already know the “bad guys” (i.e. the most successful consumer privacy lawyers in the nation) will be reading up–so make sure you don’t fall behind.

Abbas Kazerounian says:

Here we go again…congrats to Eric for creating another forum to try and put a negative spin on my wins again!!! Looking forward to reading it.

Jay Edelson says:

If Eric’s privacy blog is anything like his TCPA one, it will be fun, informative, and completely on the wrong side of history.  I can’t wait to read it.

And yes, the Czar Himself will be making frequent appearances on and will be reviewing/editing most posts–there are already dozens of searchable articles up folks– so you know the quality of the writing and analysis will always be up to snuff.

I am, of course grateful to Squire Patton Boggs for devoting the resources to build out a world-class consumer privacy information portal and I ask all of you out there in TCPAWorld to follow the new site–if consumer privacy beyond telecom matters to you–and to pester any and all of your friends and colleagues impacted by FCRA and privacy-related matters to follow the site–if it doesn’t.

This will be an incredible new journey folks BUT DON’T WORRY– TCPAWORLD.COM IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE. The TCPAWorld team will remain just as focused and dedicated to breaking down TCPA happenings as ever before. We will not take our eye off the TCPAWorld ball.

Lastly,  to all our competing law firms that dabble in the consumer privacy space– feel free to follow us! As you know I have NEVER outed any of our defense friends for following– I created it as a resource to help the defense bar after all– and you can rely on a similar tight-lipped approach on the new website.

Come one and all and enjoy the journey with us friends!

Check it out NOW! 


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