No SCOTUS TCPA Ruling Today– But I Sure Enjoy Getting Up Early to Read the New Opinions

No Supreme Court ruling today folks. We’ll continue to keep an eye out for you.

Still about five cases likely to be decided ahead of Barr but Monday (29th) would be the traditional final day of the opinion calendar so we’re expecting a lot of action then. Chatter on scotusblog suggests Tuesday (30th) will also be an opinion day though that has not yet been announced by the Court. Just remember that these are unprecedented times so it is more difficult than usual to predict when rulings will be handed down. Still a high likelihood we will have a decision next week though.

For now the big webinar breaking down the anticipated decision is still on for next Tuesday at 10 am pacific, but we will move it if there is no opinion by Tuesday AM.(Again webinar is Tuesday at 10 am pacific. Decisions are released at 10 eastern.)

For the curious, the Supreme Court held today that folks entering the country “without inspection or an entry document” have no Constitutional Due Process rights… so there’s that.




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  1. Dear Revered “Czar” Eric J. Troutman, Esq.: Thank you for the update and I look forward to attending / viewing your June 30, 2020 podcast. I believe that both consumers (Plaintiff’s side) and Contact Industry Concerns (Defendant’s side) are waiting with baited breath to see what SCOTUS chooses to do about the TCPA overall and or alternatively the 2015 Government Backed Debt Collection Exception.
    I wanted to convey that I find your [and that of your minions’] content on TCPA World / Consumer Privacy World educational, entertaining, as well as instructive (but not as legal advice – nor is that intended).
    Warmest Regards,
    Clinton Strange

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