Can’t Beat This: Consumer Privacy World Has Full Team Coverage of FTC PrivacyCon Underway

If you live in the TCPAWorld, chances are good that privacy and advertising issues matter to you.  I know most of you are already following–huge following over there already–but if you aren’t you NEED to pay attention to the team’s coverage of FTC’s PrivacyCon.

PrivacyCon is happening NOW–PrivacyCon 2020 Agenda— and CPW already has great content up discussing the fall out. 

PrivacyCon 2020 is the premier event whereby the FTC is examining the latest and greatest research and trends related to consumer privacy and data security.

This year there is a big focus on healthcare and internet of things.

The CPW team will be publishing numerous blogs breaking down major sessions over the next few days. Be sure to tune in!


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