JUST IN TIME FOR SOLSTICE!– TCPA “GUARDIANS”: CEOs of Jornaya and Active Prospect Join Unprecedented Podcast to Discuss How They Can Keep YOU Safe in the Ever-Dangerous TCPAWorld

Just in time for the holidays we are pleased to bring you a HUGE podcast interview with two of the most remarkable and impactful CEOs in the TCPAWorld–Steve Rafferty of ActiveProspect and Ross Shanken of Jornaya.

How AMAZING is that?

Steve Rafferty– CEO, Active Prospect

Well aren’t we just the gift that keeps on giving?

You know these companies as the guardian angels of the TCPAWorld–keeping watch over millions of website interactions each month to assure that CONSENT is actually being obtained on leads that are being purchased or sold.

In the interview you’ll learn how these products works and how they assure a REAL LIFE interaction took place on a website that is traceable and verifiable–and how that helps cut down on TCPA risk, as well as assuring a positive customer experience.

Ross Shanken– CEO, Jornaya

Although Jornaya and ActiveProspect are rivals in the business world both of these companies share a common vision–to keep your business SAFE and to keep consumers SANE by assuring that well-intentioned businesses do not inadvertently call individuals that did not request contact. They do this by “witnesses” interactions on websites and assuring that a lead us valid by passing tokens and visual renderings of these interactions to callers.

Want to know more? Watch the interview!

We also discuss challenges facing certain verticals–such as cannabis–and how the cutting-edge technological solutions developed by these companies can help cut down on nuisance calls (and lawsuits) while simultaneously protecting consumer privacy.

As great as the products are, these CEOs are equally fantastic. True visionaries. Quick-witted and insightful they share a viewpoint on the goings on in TCPAWorld that you’d never expect to hear–and these guys really know their stuff. The historical lens (and yes, a little gossip) that you’ll get here is simply invaluable.

If you run a call center or outreach campaigns across any vertical (especially cannabis) you cannot afford to miss this HUGE 19th edition of the Squire Patton Boggs Unprecedented podcast.

Available here:

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But our holiday gift to you isn’t limited to the huge interview. Before we get there, our powerful TCPA Defense Team breaks down the BIGGEST developments including:

  1. The FCC’s huge review of TCPA exemptions pursuant to the TRACED Act and the ascension of Simington to the office of Commissioner;
  2. The incredible split of authority around Creasy and whether the TCPA is constitutional as applied to calls made prior to July 6, 2020— you’ll hear directly from the Archduke about his HUGE win on the subject in Hussain (man is that guy good);
  3. The COMPLETELY crazy shift in deference given to FCC TCPA rulings following the big PDR Resources ruling from the Fourth Circuit on remand from the Supremes. You just can’t make this stuff up!

Plus I am wearing a new hat! Now, that’s big TCPA news.

All in all its our biggest and most important episode of Unprecedented yet. And just in time for the yule log!

So enjoy a nice cup of Grandma’s egg nog and settle in for a long winter’s nap– but not until you open TCPAWorld’s best GIFT of all– this HUGE podcast.

Enjoy and best wishes from the Czar TCPAWorld faithful!!!

Merry and bright folks, merry and bright.


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