FIRST (FREE) WEBINAR OF THE YEAR: Helping YOU Understand the BIG FCC TCPA/Carrier Rulings Issued in Late December

While the *other guys* are still wiping the sleep from their eyes following their long winter’s naps, is already hard at work in the new year bringing you the must-have content.

And what better place to start than a breakdown of the FCC’s HUGE late December, 2020 rulings scaling back the scope of certain TCPA exemptions and requiring carriers to respond to Traceback efforts and to block calls more vigorously.

I will shortly be posting a critical must-read analysis of these rulings and how they impact various verticals, but for those who prefer a VISUAL presentation, however, I teamed up with my pal David Kaminski and the good folks at to break these orders down in this MUST WATCH hour-long webinar.

In the webinar–available here–we talk through the specifics of the FCC’s orders and what they mean for callers. While we focus on the ARM and collection industries, the discussions is by no means only applicable to folks servicing accounts– these rules apply to every caller in America.

If you operate a call center or rely on telephone outreach to stay in contact with your customers-and who doesn’t–you must understand the impact of these critical orders. And who better to get the lowdown from than me–the Czar– right here, right now.

Click the Picture Above for the Webinar

Enjoy! And Happy New Year!


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