TCPA Quick Hitter: Clinton Strange Denied Fee Waiver Because Litigation Costs of his TCPA Suits Are “Discretionary Spending”

Its always interesting to get a peek at how the other half lives.

In a proceeding in district court in Maine, repeat TCPA plaintiff—and frequent commenter—Clinton Strange submitted a detailed affidavit regarding his financial condition in moving for a waiver of filings fees.

In recommending denial of the request, the magistrate judge note Clinton’s multiple TCPA suits and the thousands of dollars in fees and costs he had sunk into pursuing them as “discretionary” spending that should not be counted when assessing his ability to pay the proposed filing fees in the case before the court. The MJ recommends that Strange either pay the required $402.00 filing fee, or face dismissal of his case.

The case is Strange v. Juice Man, No. 1:20-cv-00466-LEW, 2021 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 2910 (D. Me. January 7, 2021) for the curious.



  1. Dear Czar: My feelings are so hurt that that the Court denied my motion for IFP (wink-n-smile), it’s sure a shame because those affidavits and financial information [filed into the record under seal at the outset] establishes my standing as a consumer debtor under the FDCPA..
    I have to run to the post office and get a $402 money order now, so I’ll check ‘ya later,

    Best wishes from Louisiana,
    Clinton Strange 😉

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