FACEBOOK WATCH 2021: No Ruling Today

Today was another opinion day at the Supreme Court and likely the only one this week, but there was no ruling in Facebook v. Duguid. There was one opinion today, and what was most surprising about it was that the case was argued on January 12, 2021! In a 8-1 decision in Uzuegbunam v. Presczewski, the Court held that a request for nominal damages satisfies the redressability element necessary for Article III standing. Chief Justice Roberts dissented, arguing the case is moot because the plaintiffs are no longer students, the challenged restrictions no longer exist, and the plaintiffs have not alleged any actual damages. While an interesting question and case, it is not the question we here at TCPAWorld are anxiously waiting for the Court to address. But stay tuned. As today’s case showed, a ruling in Duguid could be imminent.

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