Sued Again: National Republican Senatorial Committee Hit with Another TCPA Suit For Unwanted Robotexts

Real quick one for you.

Last week I reported that the NRSC had been sued by a consumer in PA for unwanted campaign texts. 

Well here’s another one– a consumer in Texas just filed suit against NRSC today alleging that the Republican senatorial committee hammered him with text messages after he said “STOP.”

Complaint is here–Clifford complaint

Notably the same lawyers filed both suits. Perhaps there are more in the offing.

Expect to see more political campaign TCPA suits filed this month. We’ll keep an eye on this.



  1. The Democrats are going full bore after the Republican party from every angle, TCPA lawsuits, open borders, the loosening of voter laws, HR 1, etc.
    Today, we hear that the Supreme Court threw out another voter fraud case. The supreme court can certainly take TCPA cases. They can’t define what a ATDS is after how many years? Should we expect any more from these charlatans, who refuse to provide a forum for election fraud grievances and can’t figure out what free speech means?

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