Real Quick: March 25, 2021 is the Next SCOTUS Decision Day–Will Facebook be Decided Then?

The question everyone loves to ask these days is “when, oh when, will Facebook be decided?”

Well we gave a run down on possible dates here, but the short answer is “soon.”

We’ll keep monitoring the Supreme Court’s docket for word but wanted to let everyone know that the next POSSIBLE date is this Thursday, March 25, 20201. That’s when the Supreme Court will issue its next batch of decisions.

Oh, and I have a friendly wager in that the decision will be written by ACB.

Chat soon.




  1. Dear Czar:

    I have consulted the “Magic 8-Ball” [The one copywrited by Mattel(c)] – not the one I allegedly “smoked”. [I]t sadly said “no” to the question of whether or not SCOTUS will hand down a decision in Facebook v. Duguid on March 25, 2021.

    But who knows, the Magic 8 Ball is just a plastic toy – Right?

    Happy Easter to all If I don’t holler at ya’ll b4 April 4th.
    Clinton Strange from Louisiana

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