Another Weird TCPAWorld Moment: That Time a Guy Subpoenaed the FTC to Produce the Entire NDNC List and Got 4.3MM Records Instead

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I love TCPAWorld.

You just can’t make up the stuff that goes on here.

Here’s a for instance.

In Truemann v. Ftc,  Case No. 21-mc-9004-SRB, 2021 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 71714 (W.D. Mo. April 14, 2021) some dude in Missouri thought it would be fun to subpoena the FTC and demand that it produce–wait for it–the entire National Do Not Call registry to him.

I mean, why not?

The underlying lawsuit alleged that a cable company had made unwanted calls to over 4 million phone numbers on the DNC. In order to prove that the numbers were, in fact, on the DNC the Plaintiff argued he had to obtain a copy of the entire list.

Makes sense. Sort of.

Unsurprisingly the Court disagreed, but it did require the FTC to do the hard work of finding his class members for him. Specifically, the FTC was ordered to supply information regarding the DNC status for all 4MM+ phone numbers Plaintiff identified. How weird is that?

Notably the Plaintiff was required to pay the FTC for the hard work and the order came with certain limitations. Most importantly: “the parties are prohibited from using the National Do Not Call Registry data disclosed by the FTC in connection with this Order to contact any individuals whose records are disclosed.”

We’ll keep an eye on this one.


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