TCPAWORLD AFTER DARK: What Should We Name our Big HOT Summer Compliance Show in Vegas Town?

And no we won’t call it the Big HOT Summer Compliance Show in Vegas Town. Probably.

So you’ve heard a lot about this huge show we’re putting on. The planning for this thing is almost complete and it is going to be really special.

CID workshop, data breach stuff, CFPB stuff, and a segment called “Car Bombs with the Czar.” I mean, come on.

Two full days of compliance paradise in a dry heat. And yes I thought about calling it the Dry Heat Compliance Paradise, but we have other options to choose from.

Speaking of which we need YOUR help to name this thing.

Backing up, this will be the inaugural event of’s FIRST EVER co-branded conference. We plan to do it every single year smack dab in the middle of summer because–hot.

This thing will be incredibly awesome–I guarantee it–a complete departure from the stuffy boring legal conferences you’re used to. And CLE Credit!


Obviously it will be fun, but also full of nerdy stuff and reliable legal advice–not “legal advice” but advice about the law, if you know what I mean– and HANDS ON workshop projecteering and networking induced by bloody mary’s (maries?)(maryses?) and the blistering Vegas sun.

I cannot wait.

Anyway, so here are the names we have so far. I need YOUR vote. (Or, if you have a better idea for a name, let me know.)

You can shoot me an email with your vote if you’re shy at, or you can leave your mention as a comment below if you’re feeling more social.

Without further adieu, our possible names are:

  • Summertime Compliance Dreamworld (or Midsummer’s Compliance Dreamworld, for a Shakespearean twist);
  • The Great Vegas Compliance Riot–has a bit of a caperish feel with just enough dystopia to keep us grounded;
  • The Vegas Legal Affairs Workshop and Summertime Extravaganza — which sucks as a name until you start playing with acronyms  *ahem*;
  • Hot Vegas Summer Compliance Palooza– Its just “on the nose” enough to work;
  • The Big HOT Summer Compliance Show in Vegas Town– All right fine, it made the list.

And right about now you realize, this thing is going to be a “blast” and you have to get tickets….

But first–VOTE.

July 22, 23, 2021.

Also I am hearing the admission price will be less than my hourly billable rate. And I’ll be there. For two entire days. Hmmmm.





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