IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: The Czar Sat Down with Cannabis Industry Communications Director and law360 For Recent Interviews

Not sure if you folks caught this but I had a great interview with the National Cannabis Industry Association’s (perfectly lovely) deputy director of communications Bethany Moore.

She’s really quite talented and her weekly video newsletter to the industry is very popular and very well reviewed.

Last month she was kind enough to include me on a segment where I helped industry-participants understand the importance of TCPA compliance.

Here’s a clip:

From one Beatnik to another–Thanks again Betty!

I also spoke with law360 yesterday about the possible “targeted censorship” against the cannabis industry–and really against all Americans–by outlets that seem to be preventing text messaging related to cannabis. Check it out here.

We’re still gathering information on this but if YOU hear that text messages are being blocked based upon content let me know. I am paying very very close attention as this has massive First Amendment and Communications Act dimensions. (Two of my favorite things.)


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