Compliance Palooza is Just TWO WEEKS Away– Plus Now Has Over 500,000 Hits!

So at some point last week TCPAWorld exceeded 500,000 hits and I didn’t throw a parade or make a bunch of noise about it. That’s very unlike me.

Just thought I’d let you all know, in case you were interested in knowing just how popular and transcendentally cool this site is. Thanks for being part of the ride! 🙂

There’s nothing I’d enjoy more than to celebrate with each and every one of you in Vegas two weeks from now at the big Palooza. Tons of folks are booked–including a bunch of people who originally said they couldn’t make it. Hahahahahaha.

Hey, this thing is definitely worth changing your plans for.

For the lawyers out there, this thing is offering 11.5 hours of CLE credit in a bunch of states. 11.5 hours!

For everyone else, it will be a jammed packed event with critical information on CIDs, data breaches/privacy and TCPA. And you’ll hear from great speakers from big brands–not just lawyers.

Plus have you heard about the keynote yet?

Special stuff, I promise.

Agenda details are starting to leak, despite my best efforts to keep specifics under wraps. If you start to hear stuff don’t ruin any surprises for everyone else.

Anyway, if you haven’t signed up yet visit if you’re interested in attending. And for the VIPs out there (you know who you are), just email me and we’ll get you situated.


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