Compliance Palooza Buzz Hits Fever Pitch as Keynotes Announced– Plus I Break Down Florida Robocall Bill with CMBA

So its amazing how much buzz the palooza is getting right now.

Searches are way up and its all anyone seems to be talking about right now-seems folks can’t wait to take advantage of a fun summer time in Vegas. (Especially since its getting all of the heat out of the way now.. should be nice and cool come the 22nd and 23rd, I assume.)

In case you missed it, the keynotes were announced last week and we’ll have George Birnbaumformer campaign consultant and Chief of Staff for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu–and international woman of mystery Vlada Galan speaking about crisis management. Doesn’t get much cooler than that!



Meanwhile I’m spinning like a top in excitement since this will be TCPAWorld’s FIRST EVER co-branded event. And it is just amazing that Squire Patton Boggs and Leads Council ae going all in for such a great event. Just incredible stuff.

Its all part of Squire and TCPAWorld’s incredible commitment to keeping YOU at the absolute top of your compliance game. (BTW– have you seen this compendium of the Colorado privacy bill from Squire’s privacy team? Just an incredible FREE resource.)

In the meantime–since I just can’t sit still– I joined a couple of podcasts last week to breakdown the incredibly important Florida robocall bill. The more I reflect on this thing the more it seems like the Florida bill is the biggest TCPAWorld story out there right now–especially given the potential need to abandon traditional click to dial systems to comply with the statute.

Obviously I’ll be tackling the big Florida bill ON STAGE in Las Vegas in 10 days for the Palooza, but we for those hungry for analysis NOW, check out the breakdown I did with California MBA.

I joined Dustin Hobbs for episode 69 of California MBA’s CONNECT Podcast. Really awesome format and show. Very professional and slick. No surprise–the CMBA is a great and classy organization that always puts on great shows. Check out the VIDEO interview here:

I also connected with Convoso to put out a great video on the Florida bill, I’ll have that up later this week.




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