STAYING BUSY: Two More Webinars for You Ahead of the Palooza

People are really in a tizzy over the Palooza. Saw some big statements last night on social media to the effect that the show–and it is a show–will be the “biggest compliance event of the year.”

That’s quite the boast–and it didn’t come from me!

It now looks like the place is going to be packed and a rock star vibe will permeate–even the attendee badges have the look and feel of backstage passes.

Cool stuff.

And obviously this thing is going to live up to the hype. (Indeed, I have another BIG announcement to make about the show tomorrow!)

Anyway I have so much energy right now going into the event that I’m doing appearance after appearance just to get myself ready.

Yesterday, for instance, I joined the great crew over at Be Growth Driven for a livestream video format podcast where we discussed TCPA. Really a slick crew over there. No wonder the podcast gets so much attention.

Earlier in the week I did a great webinar with Convoso. It was a ton of fun and we focused largely on the Florida bill–definitely worth watching.

Unfortunately Convoso uses “gated” content so I can’t just put the video up for you to enjoy. (I love Convoso but I HATE barriers to content–which is why there is none of that here.)

Truthfully I haven’t even watched the video myself because I won’t click through the sign up page. Hahaha

In any event, the Convoso show is here if you want to check it out:


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