PLUGGED IN: Democratic House Passes Bill to Give FTC its Power Back

As readers already know, the US Supreme Court ruled (unanimously!) back in April that the FTC could no longer go to court and recover profits from scam artists. This was a huge change–although the proper ruling— as the FTC had been pursuing such remedies for years. It also made CIDs more important–hence the PALOOZA was born!

Ever since then Democrats in Congress has been moving quickly to give the FTC the power back, except the issue became political and Republicans tried to slow or block the bill. 

Well yesterday the House voted 221-205 to pass the bill designed to give the FTC back its Section 13 power–the Consumer Protection and Recovery Act (HR 2668). This the first step to the FTC being able to pursue remedies to recover stolen profits. But the bill still needs to be introduced and passed in the Senate.

We’ll keep an eye on it.


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