WOW! The Czar’s Speaking Schedule is Out for August-October: A Bunch of Can’t Miss EVENTS!!!

Hi folks

So I know you’ve eagerly awaiting the “second half” speaking schedule of the nation’s most sought after legal presenter–i.e. me. Apologies for the delay but please trust me when I say it has been a supremely busy week. Bunch of new clients to look after following the Palooza so… you know how it goes.

But I’m back now and ready for action. Speaking action. Back-and-forth trips across the nation action. All to hang out with YOU in exotic far away locales chatting about EXCITING TCPA developments.

Yep, speaking circuit life is fun with just enough danger and intrigue to make it interesting (especially these days). But its nothing without the great company I seem to keep while on the road–so be sure to come out and say hello!

Enough prologue. Here’s the schedule for August, September and October:

First CBA LIVE! One of the biggest events of the year. Always a massive turnout with great executives and in house counsel from all the nation’s largest banks. Highest production value of any conference annually. Great honor to be asked to speak here, year in and year out. This year the event is in Orlando, Florida. 

My slot: Tuesday August 17, 10:55 am ET. 

Next I have an insane run of THREE speaking gigs in three major cities in FOUR DAYS. What is wrong with me?

First the MBA Regulatory Compliance Conference! I love the Mortgage Banker’s Association and its always a great honor to speak at the MBA event. Unfortunately I had to take a Sunday time slot this year given my cross-county travels, but it will still be great to connect with all of you in Washington DC at the Nation’s premier event for mortgage lenders!

My slot: Sunday, September 12, 2021–2 pm ET

I hop on a flight from D.C. to Denver to take the stage at Contact.Io one of the nation’s biggest and best conferences with 700+ marketers, call center operators, entrepreneurs, and technology leaders in telephony, financial services, healthcare, home services, professional services, and travel hanging out in Denver, Colorado.

My slot: Tuesday, September 14, 2021–10:15 am MT

Then I get on my horse and fly off for Alvaria ACE 2021–how cool is that name?–a great NEW conference being put on by the folks behind the merger of two of the biggest names in the contact space. It really is amazing what can happen when two great organizations come together–especially when the Czar invited to the show! Lots of buzz around this one already.

My slots (I speak twice at this one): Wednesday, September 15th at 3PM and 4:15PM 

Then I get a bit of a breather, until the HUGE NAFCU regulatory Compliance Summit. 

This will be another great event and it takes me to beautiful Bourbon Country– Louisville, KY! (I see you Koby Hastings) Really looking forward to not remembering this one.

That, of course, leads us to the Moose of all Mooses–Leadscon Las Vegas 2021! Where’s my excited dog meme gif thing go? Look Leadscon needs no praise from me. You all know what this thing is. I am extremely excited to be on the big stage again and really looking forward to it. I hear a couple of friends will be joining me, and I can’t wait!

(Look at this understated graphic, hahaha)

My slot: Thursday, October 21, 2021 11 am PT

A bunch of events will be set in November and December as well–including the HUGE TCPA Summit December 6th and 7th.  

More to come.

Also–if I can attend all of these events then YOU can get out to at least one of them! We’re coast to coast this year. Pick one that is closest to you and come on down. Chat soon.



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