Wow. Just wow.

So look, I had Jeff Lohman on my podcast long ago. He seemed a decent guy. I didn’t know him then, and I don’t know him now, but when I talked to him he didn’t seem like… well, Dr. Evil.

Well a jury just found that his antics were sufficiently illegal to issue a verdict in favor of Navient to the tune of over $1MM.

This verdict form is little more informative than a HyperWolf billboard but I think you can get the idea here:

Full form here: Lohman Verdict

I’m going to gather more details and do another post next week, but this is obviously huge news.

Let it be known– manufacturing TCPA suits doesn’t pay.

Does not pay.

Don’t do it.

But Lohman would eventually beat the case.. and he denies wrongdoing on Deserve to Win (Ep. 17)

Applause to the counsel here. I don’t want to give praise to the wrong folks–I’m not sure who actually tried it–but it looks like George Calhoun was the lead counsel over at Ifrah PLLC with GT lending a hand. Give me some war stories on the record and I’ll give you more of shout out. 😉

Oh and MUCH LOVE to Navient. Way to see it through ladies/fellas. You’re TCPAWorld legends now.

More to come. But probably next week on this though. I have work to do.

Happy weekend TCPAWorld!


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