HIGHEST TCPA SETTLEMENT EVER REACHED!: $25MM in Fees, Over $5,000 for Some Class Members–the Rash Curtis Settlement is a Real Stunner

Well TCPAWorld has a new settlement king.

For many years the old In re Capital One settlement reigned supreme as the biggest TCPA settlement of all time at $75.5MM. But the folks at Bursor and Fisher now have a vanity claim to the largest settlement of all time: the $75.6MM Rash Curtis’ insurer just agreed to pay it to settle the Perez matter.

The settlement is being paid by Rash Curtis’ insurer and is apparently 75 times the coverage limit in the policy! This seemingly insane result apparently followed the insurer’s (allegedly bad faith) refusal to settle the case individually for within policy limits at a mediation a while back.

The settlement contemplates over $25MM in fees to class counsel.

And the distribution plan notes that over 800 class members are going to receive in excess of $5,000.00 while many more will obtain recoveries north of a thousand bucks.

All of this because a debt collector skip traced numbers and (apparently) didn’t scrub before deploying prerecorded and ATDS technology.

Its a busy morning so I can’t provide more coverage on this just yet–but its obviously a big story. You can read more, however, right here: Rash Curtis Settlement



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