MONEY IN THE BANK: The Czar joins Cutter Consulting Group’s Cutting-Edge Podcast to chat Call Center TCPA Compliance

Editor’s Note: Here’s that really big picture of my head you’ve been wanting.

So real quick, I sat down with Jason Cutter of Cutter Consulting Group a couple weeks back on the latest episode of his cutting edge podcast Scalable Call Center Sales.

I know a ton of you out there are call center operators or platforms or vendors that support call center operations and Jason’s insights for the industry are really critical. He has a great–and easily digestible–book out there as well to help increase telesales, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Anyway check out this slick 1 minute buzz video he put together:

No one ever accused me of being subtle.

The full podcast is available right here:

[015] Are You Being TCPA Compliant? with Eric Troutman – the CZAR of TCPAWorld


Also just a few weeks until MBA’s big Conference in DC and!

Two great in person events, right around the corner. I’ll be on stage at both events–be there!


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