WATCH OUT!: If This String of Code is in Your Dialing Platform Delete it Right Now


How’s everyone doing today?

Great? That’s good to hear.

If this line of code exists in your dialing source code, go ahead and delete it:

Not saying it has any legal significance. And its probably nothing. But, you know, just in case.

Oh and Friedman’s office is claiming this is the Holy Grail as to why your dialer is actually using a R&SNG to store numbers all the time and right now.

Brief here:  Source Code brief

PSA over.

In seriousness, I don’t really think Bacon and Co. are onto anything here–but the broader proposition that you MUST be familiar with your source code because the bad guys are hunting for it (and for the source code of YOUR favorite dialing platforms) in a bid to prove that ATDS claims are still in play is a critical one.

They can lose 10 of these but they only have to win 1 to change the marketplace for good. Make sure it isn’t yours. Know before you go folks.

PSA over. For real this time.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about call me. I need to talk in “code” on this one.


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