REMINDER: FREE Webinar Tomorrow on Status of TCPA ATDS Decisions Six Months After Supreme Court Facebook Decision

Hi folks

Well as all of you know, we track TCPA developments daily here on and our highly-renowned Facebook Ruling Resource Page tracks every ATDS decision that has been handed down since April.

But now that it has been six months since the big Supreme Court ruling in Facebook, I’ve decided to bring these cases all together and analyze the trends out there and provide YOU with the information you need to make intelligent choices on your outreach channels and platforms.

So join us tomorrow at 10 AM PST for a FREE webinar on the definitive analysis of what YOU need to know about TCPA ATDS cases 6 months into the post-Facebook world.

I’ll be answering such questions as:

  • How has the case law emerged on ATDS since Facebook?
  • Does a dialer need to generate phone numbers to qualify as an ATDS?
  • Are click-to-dial systems now subject to the TCPA?
  • Are text messages still subject to the TCPA-are they the safest channel?
  • What about Florida?

I will obviously identify all the biggest trends and critical takeaways in a wholly-new presentation prepared just for this webinar. You can’t miss it.



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  1. If I am not available for the webinar, can I obtain a recording after the event?

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