TCPAWORLD After Leadscon: This isn’t Instagram…Its Better.

What happens in Vegas….

It starts with my incredible golf abilities. Top Golf. On the strip. To break the ice.

‘Bout 300 right yards right there… (thanks for the vid Jacqueline!)

Then tons of great content the first day. Here is Detroit Trading’s Matt Clayson delivering some critical information for big-time influencers *like me*.

Of course I moderated THE PANEL of the event–with loanDepot’s Puja Amin (Queenie), Smart Financial’s Kevin Rockoff (sharp guy), and Convoso’s visionary CEO Nima Hakimi. (This was really something.)

Attendance was… strong.

After the sessions there was lots to see in the Exhibit Hall…

I hung out with Austin Powers for a bit in my Czar ensemble.

And caught a peek at the TCPA litigator wall of shame (not sure this is accurate–some names seem to be missing on that list if you ask me.)

And Queenie even posed for a pic.

Then the Call Tools folks took us to a GREAT dinner.

Then a VIP happy hour sponsored by Drips, Active Prospect and something called… Consumer Consent.

(Formerly Leads Council–check their site here).

Then there was a rock show…

Like…for real.

The Countess had fun.

And I ended up on a rooftop somewhere.

Then some guy named Steve was playing at Hakkasan.

I was in bed, of course, but the kids had fun. Including Nima (remember him?) who decided to text me at 2:30 in the morning… so I put him on TCPAWorld.

Also, there was some guy passed out next to my room.

More great content the second day–including the Archduke talking media relations.

Tons of fun. Lots of new friends. Great content. I learned a lot.

Also, there are apparently some other videos and pictures floating around out there. Just remember–if you didn’t see it on TCPAWorld then it didn’t actually happen. 🙂

Now, back to work.


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